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The knowledge of Karol’s illness was a real shock for us. A routine check-up carried out in prenatal state with ultrasound scan, has shown a substantial damage to his health: changes in brain’s shape and volume, hydrocefalia, high probability of a tumour and ascites. His condition was very serious. One of many doctors, we have contacted, tolds us to be prepared for the worst case scenario. He adviced us to contact the perinatal hospice. We have never done it. Instaed, we started to take additional medical examinations by neurosurgeons and oncologists from Wrocław, Łódź and Katowice. No one could told us, before Karol’s birth, what we are dealing with.

Karol was born on March 31, 2016 in the Central Clinical Hospital in Katowice. Although he was assigned 7/8 points according to Apgar assessment scale and seemed to be in a good health condition, he was severely ill. Two hours after his birth Karol was transferred to Upper Silesian Childrens’ Centre in Katowice. Incubator, feeding by a stomach tube, pneumonia, EEG studies and brain’s magnetic resonance imaging – these were the most significant issues Karol went through within the first three weeks of his life. Before we left the hospital, we had got an unambiguous diagnose: very seriously defect of central nervous system. Professor who was taking care of Karol, did not leave any doubt telling us, that Karol will never be able to lead a normal life. However, Professor gave us hope. With enormous hard work and a bit of luck, we will get a chance to struggle against Karol’s handicapness.

In our everyday fight to improve Karol’s health state we cooperate with neurological, ophthalmologic, rehabilitative, haematological and genetic clinics. Day after day we are doing everything we can to keep Karol alive and trying to find out what has happend to him and what consequences it may have in the future. Irrespective of Karol’s disease we try to lead a „normal life” when bringing up our firstborn son Filip, who is two years older than Karol. Today, 9 months after the birth, Karol is growing like a weed and is a beautiful baby. According to current medical diagnosis Karol has infantile cerebral palsy (spastic paralysis), defect of central nervous system, epilepsy, hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy and optic nerve hypoplasia which most likely is the reason of his blindness.

Since Karol was 6 weeks old, he has been given intensive remedial medical therapy. He is being exercised with Vojta and NDT Bobath methods. He is also taking part in the sensory integration, with speech therapist and vision’s rehabilitation. Nevertheless we are still
searching for the new medical treatments.

If you are affected by Karol’s case and you are able to express a bit of empathy for us, you are kindly pleased to pass any donation for Karol’s medical treatment purposes.